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I have years of experience working with children in library programs and in schools. 

I facilitate workshops that help children be empowered - and they might also have fun and learn some silly words along the way!

Please feel free to use the videos from State Library Victoria Storytalks in the classroom or library.


For bookings please contact me

Lost Words

Do you know what a throttlebottom is?

A snollygoster?  Well great gadzooks! Let me tell you!

I hope you don't find me a blatherskite but my workshops in wordplay and vocabulary include the flippercanorious use of the lost words from The Secret library of Hummingbird House ! Children may be betwattled at first, but these workshops will not be a boondoggle!

Celebrate the joy of words, lost and found! Have fun making up your own words and strengthen your vocabulary along the way!

Anxiety and Feelings

Hattie Maxwell is stressed! In fact, Hattie has many full-on feelings that she invade her skin and bones!

Find out about ways to express your feelings and how to deal with anxiety when it is bubbling up inside you!


Do you want to change the world?

Find out how Hattie becomes an activist and explore ways to find your voice. These workshops explore ways to be a community engaged activist. Explore craftivism and kindivism through these hands-on crafty workshops.

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