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September Reading Roundup

It is a truth universally acknowledged - the more your write the less you read! September saw me deep into a rewrite of my book so the roundup is brief!

November Road by Lou Berney

Compulsive historical crime read set in the early sixties on the periphery to the assignation of J.F. Kennedy. It is a chase story, a cat and mouse, a romance and a redemption. The lives of a small town housewife breaking free from her alcoholic husband collides with a criminal sent out to clean up after the assination. He knows he's a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. Can he outwit his bosses and survive? Many twists and turns, hardboiled language, well drawn characters and thrilling story that is compelling and insightful.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

I read this as a bit of inspiration - it's classic middle grade, memorably moving and yet so brief! It stands up to a reread. The power is in the friendship unlikely but true because it is based on a connection of imagination. Heartbreaking for the influence a friendship like this can have on a life. The world of the book is so real you can touch it.

Permanent Rose by Hilary McKay

Another inspiration read. Hilary McKay is one of my favourite authors. She writes families with the dynamics just right. she tells stories through moments at once simple but important. Permanent Rose is part of the Casson Family series - an arty eccentric family of five children and family life of chaos and warmth and authenticity. I loved returning to their lives of mayhem and love.

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