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Affirm Press signs Hattie Maxwell and the Library of Lost Words

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Well it looks like we got married doesn't it? This is me with my editor Clair from Affirm Press. (And I would probably marry her if she asked - she's gorgeous!) The deal is signed and sealed - now I just have to deliver the book: Hattie Maxwell and the Library of Lost Words will be hitting book shelves in 2019.

Affirm commissioning editor Clair Hume said: ‘Julianne’s novel is funny, full of heart and unashamedly local. I fell head over heels for this manuscript. It will be a stand-out title for us and we can’t wait to share it with booksellers next.’

All this is thanks to my agent Jacinta Di Mase and Danielle Binks. It is no exaggeration that I could not have done this without their guidance, encouragement and wheeling and dealing.

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